2021-04-27 09:58:59

News 2021.04 - Hanover´s “Royale Tram”

The “Royale Bahn” of Hanover...

...is launched for a sad occasion one last time!





The ÜSTRA designed an extraordinary TW6000 for the state exhibition in 2014. The limited new edition of the long out of print model can be understood as a small homage to a great man.

Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, had family connections with the Welfish noble house of Hanover and has visited the city several times. The popular monarch, who liked to call himself the most professional “ribbon separator of the world”, died on April 9th, two months before his 100th birthday.

“When the royals came from Hanover!” - The state exhibition was dedicated to the 300th anniversary of the personal union between Great Britain and Hanover. George I and his four successors ruled for 123 years as "Hanoverians" over the fate of the British Empire.

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