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News 2021.10 - Buffer stops

New Buffer stops!

Everything has an end, only the model railroad layout often has a lot of track ends! In order to do justice to the diversity and without claiming to be complete, we present nearly 20 (!) different, mainly H0e buffer stops!



The Buffer stops

The Buffer stops

Austria is a country of narrow-gauge railways. In every federal state there are, or have been, their own routes, which were mostly or are still under their own administration. So it is not surprising that the individuality of these sticks continues to their extreme ends and that each has its own buffer stop that is typical. The relatively widespread buffer stop of the old construction was introduced a few months ago. The originals were welded together from old rail profiles. The basic construction is always the same, simple and effective. But every train station has adjusted the buffer a bit.

With the new construction of some train stations or their modernization, the modern buffer stops have also found their way. Here, too, a common basic construction was chosen, but the adjustments are much more extensive than with the old construction method. Thanks to modern production methods, thirteen (!) more buffer stops can now be offered. One for every train station, sometimes more then one ... without any claim to completeness, there is already something for everyone. Thanks to the detail-focused hobby of one of our employees, new versions are reported almost daily, which are still waiting to be realized. The range will definitely be expanded in the next few months.

You can find all buffer stops on this homepage if you click on the Downloads tab.

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