2021-11-05 23:24:22

News 2021.11 - Brass Models

25% stock sale on brass models!

The company FERRO-TRAIN began its turbulent career as a small series manufacturer of exclusive brass models. Today, a short 25 years later, the brand FERRO-TRAIN has developed significantly. While the first models, unimaginable today, were produced in Japan (!), the production of the brass models was soon relocated to an own factory in nearby Brno. The factory no longer exists today and good solderers are becoming increasingly rare.





After long discussions and with a heavy heart, the production of new brass models has now been completely stopped. The last models that are still in stock will be sold out. 

Small series manufacturers watch out! We also offer the many tools, films, molds and production documents for sale. Please send us a short email which models you are interested in and we will get back to you with a corresponding and attractive offer!

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