2022-05-27 22:32:01

News 2022.05 - Flexity Berlin

231 Flexity for Berlin!

The delivery of the first 99 Flexity Berlin began at the end of 2011. As early as 2012, more cars were ordered, the number of which was increased again in 2018, so that in May 2020, when 200 units had already been delivered, the future total stock of 231 Flexity for Berlin was confirmed!





The 231st car of the first generation of Flexity Berlin will roll off the "assembly line" in Hennigsdorf at the end of May! 

To mark this memorable occasion, an extremely attractive model has been designed in collaboration with Alstom. Like its great prototype, Flexity proudly bears the car number 9157 and offers the collector the unique opportunity to call not only the first 9001 but also the last car of this exceptionally successful series of low-floor trams his own.

Delivery of the standard Flexity models will start next week! Pre-ordering is advised, the number of individual car numbers is extremely limited.

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