2022-05-25 10:17:59

News 2022.05 - Variobahn Graz

Jochen Rindt is alive!

Jochen Rindt is a myth, all over the world and especially in Graz. The current exhibition shows how this exceptional personality came into being and takes a look at the significance of the city of Graz in this context. The Holding Graz is a project partner of the exhibition and so, in addition to the tram stop at Jochen-Rindt-Platz, an entire tramway has now been dedicated to the exceptional talent!





The model, in contrast to the prototype, a Variobahn Graz, was designed in close cooperation with the outdoor advertising company Ank√ľnder, which also redesigned the prototype vehicle. 

The models are handmade and only available in a very limited number of pieces!

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