2023-12-04 11:11:04

News 2023-12 - Advent calendar

24 days - 24 percent - The HALLING Advent calendar!

A daily look at the Halling website can sometimes be worthwhile during the Advent season. Every day - and only for this one day - there is a model with a 24% price reduction.



Advent calendar

Advent calendar

After all, there is still a child in each of us who can still remember the Advent season. The days leading up to Christmas were characterized by the smell of cinnamon and growing anticipation. Every day you could read on the Advent calendar how many days you still had to wait until it was time.

The campaign starts, unsurprisingly, on December 1st and in case there are more treasures hidden behind more doors, we will gladly wait until December 24th to ship them! That way you only pay postage once.

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