2023-04-03 11:59:38

News 2023.03 - Flexity Vienna 345

Alstom celebrates its 1000th tram!

And we are celebrating with them! Since 1990, Alstom Austria, which took over Bombardier Transport in 2021, has been manufacturing modern trams in Vienna for global customers from Austria to Australia. The 1000th set is a Flexity Wien for Wiener Linien and will be in daily service for the Viennese these days with unmistakable lettering.





HALLING Modelle is pleased to be able to offer you the brand new model of the Flexity Wien 345 in time for the maiden voyage of the great prototype. From the first photos of the vehicle at the Alstom factory site to the completion of the model, just over two weeks have passed. We would like to thank all those involved for their excellent cooperation, which made this possible!

The Flexity Vienna will replace the last high-floor tram models in the coming years and thus make the public transport system barrier-free. It is already in use on five lines, and now more will be added with lines 60, 46 and 49. The model of the Flexity 345 not only features the typical lettering on both sides, but also the new lines were implemented as decals.

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