2023-08-28 12:51:17

News 2023.08 - Vintage Tram Prague

The museum railcar 109 as a model for the first time!

The Czech Republic is a Central European country with graceful castles, local beers and a long history. The capital Prague is home to the magnificent 9th century Prague Castle, a well-preserved medieval Old Town and the statue-lined Charles Bridge.





The entire city area is criss-crossed by tram and metro lines. Public transport is the fastest and easiest way to explore the city. The Střešovice depot (Muzeum městské hromadné dopravy) exhibits numerous historic trams, many of them in running condition, including the 109 railcar.

On the occasion of the tram exhibition in Prague, the exemplary restored historic tramcar 109 is now available as a high-quality H0 model for the first time! The sale starts on Saturday at the exhibition in Prague and the number of pieces produced is quite manageable. So if you want to get hold of a model, you should come and visit us or place an order as soon as possible.

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