2023-09-18 10:29:56

News 2023.09 - The cog railway of FERRO-TRAIN

40 years of cog railway models!

1983: Michel Jackson's album "Thriller" stays at number one in the US album charts for 37 weeks. The SPÖ becomes the party with the most votes, but loses its absolute majority, leading to Bruno Kreisky's resignation. And Gerhard Riedl aka GERARD launches the first kit models of a narrow-gauge cog railway modelled on the Austrian Schneeberg.





For over 20 years now, the traditional family business FERRO-TRAIN has had the honour of looking after this small cultural asset and has done so with great pleasure and dedication. There is a lot to celebrate on the model's round birthday!

The best news right up front! In times when everything is getting more expensive, we have succeeded in making many of the most popular models significantly and permanently cheaper through new, alternative and innovative production methods!

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