2023-11-27 11:10:52

News 2023.11 - Avenio Nuremberg

The Avenio Nuremberg is now available!

With new residential areas, schools and a new university, the need for mobility in Nuremberg is growing. VAG Verkehrs-Aktiengesellschaft Nürnberg is therefore expanding its streetcar fleet with low-floor vehicles of the Avenio type from SIEMENS. It is a great honor for the small Viennese model railroad manufacturer HALLING Modelle to be able to realize the very successful prototype in a model and thus expand the in-house Avenio fleet by another member!



Avenio Nuremberg

Avenio Nuremberg

The models of the Avenio Nuremberg from HALLING Modelle are hardly inferior to the large prototype in terms of driving comfort and technical features. They feature an extremely detailed roof and interior design with true-to-original seat occupancy and exemplary coloring.

The elaborate printing of the models was carried out at the customer's request using high-quality and labor-intensive pad printing technology; modern UV printing was only used for the implementation of the elaborate roof plan. The powered models are also equipped with LED alternating light and an NEM652 interface. The models can be digitized without tools in just a few simple steps.

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