2023-12-18 11:29:53

News 2023.12 - The Mulled Wine Wagon

A wonderful Christmas tradition!

Every year we are honored and delighted to finally be able to present the Christmas wagon. This year it took a little longer, but it was worth the wait!



The Mulled Wine Wagon

The Mulled Wine Wagon

Traditionally, we also test new ideas and ground-breaking innovations on the Christmas wagon, which can give model making a new direction! The Glühweinwagerl is laser-cut from real wood, nothing new so far, but then we painted the kit in two colors and then finished it in the UV printer!

The resulting effect could not have been more dramatic! The model has a very realistic effect and is far superior to plastic models. The new method also has another advantage: for the first time we have the opportunity to offer a simple, painted and fully printed kit!

The assembly is, with the noble exception of a cutter knife, possible without tools! The kit even comes with a piece of sandpaper and superglue - everything you need to build the model. The chassis are pre-assembled and ready for immediate use and assembly is simple, quick and well documented.

In recent years, model building has disappeared more and more from model railroading. A sad development, not least for the model railroader himself. We would be delighted if this kit gave you back the fun of modeling!

So get out of your comfort zone and into the fun! And in around 45 minutes you can proudly say:

"I built that one!"

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