2024-01-23 10:33:07

News 2024.01 - The Game Changer

The Game Changer.

For several decades, the bogies of our models were driven by a Mabuchi engine and cardan shafts, and that was a good thing! But there is a better way - much better! The brand new and highly innovative bogie drives from HALLING Modelle are equipped with a small but powerful coreless motor.





The deliberately simple design allows them to be used in a wide variety of models. Whether as a retrofit drive for one of the high-quality static models from HALLING Modelle, as a drive for your own design or a 3D model or as a two-axis micro drive - the possibilities are almost unlimited!

There are four different wheel bases to choose from, each with three gauges. This results in 12 standard drives, each equipped with matching wheel disks. It is also possible to configure the desired drive yourself. All components are also available individually and can be specially assembled when ordering!

3D models of the bogie drives are already available for download at halling.at! Import the drive of your choice into your design programme before you start designing, or check whether the drive could fit into your 3D model!

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