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News 2024.01 - Tram Strausberg

... from Berlin to the Lustgarten!

Strausberger Eisenbahn GmbH (STE) operates the small railway of the same name in the Brandenburg town of Strausberg to the east of Berlin. The in some places quite picturesque line 89 from the railway station to the town connects the metropolis of Berlin with it´s local recreation.





For many years, the railway was operated with carriages taken over from Leipzig before the first Rekos arrived from Berlin-Schöneweide in the 1960s and 1970s. The connection to the S-Bahn and the oil crisis led to a sharp increase in passenger numbers.

The recos, which had previously only been operated as railcar and railer, became the classic Tw-Bw-Tw reversible trains that characterised the cityscape long into the 1990s! The new models of the bi-directional Rekos from HALLING Modelle recreate a typical set from precisely this era, when the adverts were already westernised and the reliable Rekos were still able to exude their eastern charm.

As always, the models are available as a high-quality floor model or as a mobile model for your layout. Whether as a single wagon or a slightly cheaper set, buy them while stocks last!

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