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News 2021.09 - Roma 6 Finestrini

Vintage Tram Rome!

The models of the Roman six-window vintage tram from HALLING Modelle include two railcars, two sidecars, a work car and several freight cars. The new models of the passenger trams are currently presented at the Hobby Model Expo in Milan (Novegro).

Attention! Only a few pieces of the work car left! If you are interested, please order quickly, the model cannot be reissued.



ROM-274-B / ROM-369-M

ROM-274-B / ROM-369-M

The first vehicles of the six-window design were delivered as early as 1911. The main delivery of the railcars was delayed by the First World War. The railcars from number 289, railcars always have odd numbers in Rome, were put into operation between 1919 and 1921. At least two of the railcars were operated as work cars in construction trains with freight wagons.The sidecar made up the largest group of community supporters in the Eternal City for a long time. They were delivered in several series from different manufacturers from 1914 to 1924. The two-axle vehicles were taken out of service in the early 1960s.

In the usual playful way, the models of the Roman Oldtimer Trams are manufactured with great effort in order to go into as many details of the prototypes as possible. For example, the renovation of the rickety old wooden windows is discussed. Numerous accessories and target signs allow the models to be individually designed.

The model of the work car can be perfectly combined with several different trucks. All models of the freight wagons can be coupled and already have a load of fine gravel, which also serves as a weight for driving. Magnetic couplings are available (SKP-TRI-SW, black or SKP-TRI-GR, grey).

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