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News 2021.10 - Subway Berlin Type HK

The "prototypes" of the type HK Berlin!

The HK series is a type of vehicle for the subway Berlin BVG. The trains largely correspond to the H series in terms of vehicle construction and technology, but have been adapted to the small profile, which is what the “K” stands for in the type designation. The new edition of the popular models is largely unchanged on the outside, but full of innovations!





Deliveries began in 2001 and were initially limited to four four-car trains. These prototypes with the numbers 1001 to 1004 were manufactured by Adtranz, while the series trains delivered much later were produced by Bombardier. 

A multiple unit consists of four cars, which often run as a double unit. This means that an enforcement system (in contrast to the six-car trains of the H series) is not continuously accessible. The HK trains are therefore primarily used on the U2 line, as eight-car trains are used here in the planned service. There are occasional missions on the U1 and U3 lines. Only two-car trains run on the U4 in regular traffic, so the HK trains are only used here for special trips such as the Christmas train.

The new models of the HK prototypes are already being delivered with the new drive concept, which was presented as a single drive back in June of this year. In addition to a standard six-pole NEM651 interface, two motorizations, standard or coreless dive, are now also available ex works.

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