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2023-06-26 14:11:48

News 2023.06 - Vienna Subway

New subway for Vienna - X-car starts public transport operation!

The very first X-car has been running for a few days on line U3 in passenger service of Wiener Linien.
The "official" start of service follows extensive tests and the successful approval of operation by the authorities.




The first X-car runs between U3 Simmering and U3 Ottakring. To enable you to use your X-car in an exemplary manner, we offer a special set of decals with matching destinations and car numbers on the occasion of the commissioning.

For all those who do not have a model of the X-car yet: with the code "Xw493n" you get the high-end, three-piece static model ...

... instead of299,00 for fabulous € 249,00!

Whether by phone, in the webshop or by e-mail, just enter the code in your next order! The discount will be deducted after the order!*

to the product

*) The promotional code Xw493n for Item.No. WUX-3TL-S is valid up to and including 30.07.2023, or while stocks last.

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