2023-07-22 07:37:37

News 2023.07 - GT4 Freiburg Tw 109

The legendary Freiburg 109 is available again!

The first GT4s were delivered to Freiburg in the early 1960s. The four-axle articulated railcars based on the Stuttgart model were adapted by Maschinenfabrik Esslingen. Apart from the prominent red indicators, it was above all the equipment for one-man operation that was necessary for use in Freiburg.





Of course, as many of the characteristics of the prototype vehicle as possible were reproduced in the realisation of the model. For example, the couplings can be "bleached" by inserting an enclosed component and a small set of decals allows the use in different eras, even the raised turn signals have been taken into account. 

The oldest GT4, number 109 (formerly 103), has been preserved as a museum tram. The model of the 109 goes back to a series from 2017 and was out of stock for some time. Fortunately, the very special and elaborately produced add-on parts could now be restored and the model series thus brought to a connection! On request, the Freiburg models are also available as H0m variants!

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