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2022-09-02 16:53:52

News 2022.09 - GT4 Stuttgart

The last of their kind!

On the occasion of the 60th birthday of probably the most classic of all Stuttgart trams, we put out a plethora of models, now we find that we will soon have none left! Strike if you haven't already!




Maschinenfabrik Esslingen developed the four-axle articulated railcar especially for Stuttgart and its topography, and delivered around 350 of them to Stuttgarter Straßenbahnen AG (SSB) from 1959. All GT4 models are also available for H0m!

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  • GT4-F09-M

    News 2023.07 - GT4 Freiburg Tw 109


    The legendary Freiburg 109 is available again! The first GT4s were delivered to Freiburg in the early 1960s. The four-axle articulated railcars based on the Stuttgart model were adapted by Maschinenfabrik Esslingen. Apart from the prominent red indicators, it was above all the equipment for one-man operation that was necessary for use in Freiburg.


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    News 2021.08 - New Düsseldorf GT6!


    New edition of the first GT6! The articulated railcars from DÜWAG shaped the appearance of many German cities for decades. The story began in Düsseldorf itself, where the very first GT6 were used on the Düsseldorf Rheinbahn.


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    News 2021.07 - Stuttgart War Tram 749


    The first new KSW in Stuttgart since 1949! The KSW or Kriegsstraßenbahnwagen (War Tram Car) was designed as replacement for the wagons destroyed in World War II: material-saving lightweight construction, easy to maintain, and with plenty of standing room and thus a high number of passengers. Around 700 of the mostly wooden wagons were delivered to over 20 cities, including Stuttgart, Munich and Cologne, between 1943 and 1950.



    News 2021.07 - Munich War Tram


    The "Heidelberger" in Munich! The MVG Museum on the Ständerstrasse site houses and maintains the characteristic combination of the 721 War Tram and the matching 1509 i-Sidecar. The railcar was built in 1944 and was last inspected in 2018.



    News 2021.07 - Albert coupling


    NEW! The Albert coupling as a magnetic coupling! The German Albert coupling for connecting two trams, transmits both tensile and compressive forces. Named after its inventor Karl Albert, a former director of the Krefeld tram.


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    News 2021.04 - Hanover´s TW6000 Zoo


    Impressiv! An elephant pushes from behind, and from above the gorilla boss Buzandi crumples the Üstra light rail. For the zoo's 150th birthday, a light rail tram drove through Hanover, that was exactly as the motto of the zoo promises: ... really different!