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News 2023.12 - KSW Work Car

A real piece of model railroad history!

The Kriegsstraßenbahnwagen (KSW) were intended to replace the numerous vehicles that were destroyed during the Second World War. These classics were built in a correspondingly simple, robust and material-saving manner. Unsurprisingly, they continued to be used as work cars in many cities after their official end of service.

Halling Modelle




The model of a work wagon based on the German model was first produced by Stängl Modellbahnen in 1988 after Mr. Josef Stängl took over the injection moulds from Liliput. Before Josef Stängl reworked the moulds for the first edition of Viennese souvenir models, a few bodies with open doors were produced for stock. 

The current models actually date back to this last series, but are painted, printed and upgraded in line with the times! For the first time, the models of the KSW work wagon are available with high-quality printed windows, motorized and with a comprehensive set of decals and filigree accessories.

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