2023-05-27 09:52:38

News 2023.05 - Original 1900mm

Because Size Matters!

Hardly a week goes by in which our popular drive technology catalog is not expanded by one or the other little thing. Usually we don't make a fuss about it and present all novelties with the publication of the next ATK. This week, however, we managed to close an important gap that we simply don't want to keep to ourselves any longer.





Until now, bogies were available with center distances of 16mm, 19.7mm, 21mm, 23mm, 24mm, and 25.3mm. The important, because widely used length of 22mm (original around 1900mm), is now finally available in H0 or H0m and in the versions drive-, carring- and even Jakobs-bogie! As always, the bogies can be combined with different bogie cover and are thus suitable for numerous projects!

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