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2021-05-03 11:30:44

News 2021.04 - Drive technology catalogue!

The new drive technology catalogue 2021

We have tried to simplify the search for the right component and here a picture is worth a thousand words. Numerous components are now shown as dimensioned drawings and allow a better overview of the variety of options.




A little over a year ago we presented our first drive technology catalogue! Since then, we have developed many more components and complete drives, sometimes with considerable effort. The range now includes an unbelievable 481 items on around 100 pages of catalogue!

The individual drives have also been further developed! In addition to the incredibly small but fantastically powerful bell-shaped armature drives, new wheelbases and the popular parts sets for the most important drives are now also available! The range of spare parts has been expanded to include simple but hard-to-find components such as grinders and weights.

The following offer to all 3D artists is also new: You draw wonderful models and offer them on Shapeways and Co. We take care of the drive! We put together tailor-made drive sets for your models, which make it easier for your customers to order and allow the printed models to breathe life. Many of you are already using complete drives from HALLING models - with your own set it will be better, easier and cheaper.

Small series manufacturers watch out! Like all spare parts worldwide, our drive technology components are also relatively expensive. Although many parts only cost cents to manufacture, we charge Euros for them! The prices result primarily from three factors: storage costs, administration costs and a high individual time expenditure when selling. We can't do much against the first two, but we promise you nice graduated discounts if you need more than just a few pieces! You can find drive technology here!

If you like to leaf through the catalogues, you can download the drive technology 2021 here! We ask for your leniency, bound catalogues will only be produced again at the time of the big exhibitions.

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