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Bogie Drives

The Game Changer.

For several decades, the bogies of our models were driven by a Mabuchi engine and cardan shafts, and that was a good thing! But there is a better way - much better! The brand new and highly innovative bogie drives from HALLING Modelle are equipped with a small but powerful coreless motor

The deliberately simple design allows them to be used in a wide variety of models. Whether as a retrofit drive for one of the high-quality static models from HALLING Modelle, as a drive for your own design or a 3D model or as a two-axis micro drive - the possibilities are almost unlimited! 

There are four different wheel bases to choose from, each with three gauges. This results in 12 standard drives, each equipped with matching wheel disks. It is also possible to configure the desired drive yourself. All components are also available individually and can be specially assembled when ordering! 

In the standard version, the bogie drives have the following technical data:

  •  712-D bell-type armature motor
  •  NEM651 interface
  •  Operating voltage 12V=
  •  2 axles powered
  •  4 wheels live
  •  No traction tires 

The simple, almost elegant design is not just for quick assembly. The drives are very easy to convert to different track gauges and allow the use of different wheel diameters. The axles are held directly by the gear block. The gearbox cover allows the standardized bogie covers of HALLING models to be fitted, but can also be removed to provide more ground clearance. 

It can be fitted without tools by clicking it into the "Halling butterfly" (see below). This recess in a 1 mm thick base plate offers sufficient freedom of movement. For smaller track widths, the space required can naturally be reduced! Please refer to the enclosed drawing for the corresponding dimensions. 

The drives are intended for installation in models and require additional weight for optimum running characteristics! 

All drives are equipped with a six-pole NEM651 interface. In addition to simple digitalization, this also allows connection to other electronic components. In the simplest case, this is a wiring harness with plugs that connects two bogie drives in one model. 

The interface also allows the drive to be integrated into an on-board electronics system with a central motherboard. In addition to connections for several drives and a decoder interface, this motherboard also offers easily accessible soldering pads for controlling additional functions such as front/rear lights or interior lighting. Corresponding kits are currently being prepared and will be presented shortly. 

3D models of the bogie drives are already available for download at! Import the drive of your choice into your design programme before you start designing, or check whether the drive could fit into your 3D model!

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