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Despite the manageable size of our company, we bring impressive 100 models onto the market every year. New products will be presented on our website, webshop and social media as soon as they are available. Upon request, you will automatically receive a newsletter by e-mail and are always up to date. But be careful! We are a small series manufacturer and many of our models are only available for a short time!

The past year has presented us all with numerous challenges, which is why we want to make it as easy as possible for you this year! In cooperation with our dealers, we have now developed a master database of our models, similar to the large corporations. Transferring data to your web shop is now much easier! You can download the current database in the dealer section of our site.

The product images in high resolution can now be downloaded from a dedicated dealer area on our new website. New products are available immediately, older models can be accessed via a simple search. Access to printable images should also be made easier for the press. You will receive the access data on request by email.

Our models are made in Austria! We are therefore able to offer your customers a comprehensive and uncomplicated repair and spare parts service for our models. We are the only manufacturer in Europe to offer drive solutions for a wide variety of railway and tram models (read more).

Due to constant upfront costs and small production runs, we cannot offer large margins. Since we market all of our models ourselves, we promise not to sell the models at a reduced price. Our selling prices remain constant, except for occasional inflation adjustments. All prices and discounts can be found in the current master database, which you can download here.

Despite the high effort that these innovations mean for our team, we want to go a little further in order to make your purchase with us even easier. We have set up a dealer access to our web shop for you and you can check the availability of the models on a daily basis. You will receive the access data by email on request.

We are available for you by phone Mon.-Fri. from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. and use the afternoon to dispatch the models you have ordered. You should get your orders in a few days, no matter where you run your business! For each shipment you will receive a tracking number by email for easy tracking of your shipment.