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FERRO-TRAIN, originally known as a manufacturer of brass models, has continued to develop. In the meantime, a healthy mix of small series models, the finest handcrafted models and plastic series models are produced. The fine equipment details for dioramas and systems complete the portfolio.


Leopold HALLING originally founded his company for toolmaking, corresponding orders from model railway companies such as Stängl MODELLBAHNEN and FERRO-TRAIN and a pronounced skill in model construction made him the largest manufacturer of model trams in the world over the decades.


Stängl MODELLBAHNEN were the first to develop narrow-gauge models for the Austrian market for series production! Few people know that Josef Stängl began designing simple tram models for Wiener Linien 50 years ago. When he retired in 2017, he handed over around 100 models and an immense wealth of experience.


The top sellers of HALLING drives - 18 drives / 360 variations!

The drives from the house of HALLING models are becoming more and more popular! In addition to the moderate price, the long service life and the constant availability, it is above all the very wide range of different axle bases and the possibility to select several track widths and wheel types that makes HALLING Drives the first choice when motorising models.



  • 725-643-P

    News 2023.03 - Mit Bus und Bahn - Pinzgauer Lokalbahn


    Available again after 25 years! Once in 1998 the model railway manufacturer Stängl MODELLBAHNEN in Lunz am See produced a small but fine edition of narrow gauge models based on the Pinzgau model! The year before, the two ex-Mariazell ÖBB B4ip /s 3243-8 and 3244-6 were reworked and painted light grey and decorated with the colourful advertising of the "Salzburger Verkehrs Verbund". The models were in great demand, and the number of units produced was just enough to fill the proverbial hollow tooth.



    News 2023.03 - Berlin urban railway


    Tradition has a colour in Berlin! The Berlin S-Bahn series is rounded off by the most traditional of all liveries - the Tradionslack! For decades, this S-Bahn has shaped the cityscape and it is hard to imagine Berlin without it. If you don't have one yet, you should buy it quickly! If you already have one, you should still buy it.


  • WE1-623-M

    News 2023.02 - Viennese „Tichy E1“


    Finally available again! The beginning of March is finally the start of the season at the Tichy ice cream parlour! And the long out-of-print and almost equally legendary "Tichy E1" is also back in time. This time the Wiener Linien articulated railcar type E1 with the number 4523 carries the seductive gang advertising and also the optional roof panels are again in stock in sufficient quantities!


  • REK-BE0-M

    News 2023.02 - Oldtimer Trams Berlin


    Save the best for the end! This week's news probably doesn't catch many of you completely off guard, and may still surprise you! With the BVB's unidirectional Reko wagons, the first orange Reko wagons, we are now concluding the current production series. As a small surprise at the end, we are proud to present the very first model of a Reko with an advertising banner on its side.


  • 725-506-M

    News 2023.02 - Mariazellerbahn Epoc 5


    The Mariazell Railway - local transport steeped in history! The place of pilgrimage Mariazell was one of the most visited tourist destinations in Austria-Hungary in the 19th century. The construction of a railway from St. Pölten to Mariazell had therefore been under consideration since the opening of the Western Railway in the middle of the century. The main line from St. Pölten to Kirchberg and the branch line to Mank were opened on 4 July 1898, and since then have been an Austrian landmark and historical local transport in one!


  • REK-BZ3-M/B

    News 2023.01 - Reko-Trams Berlin


    A piece of contemporary history - The BVB's Reko coaches! We are very pleased that the Reko models are so well received and are now adding another Reko train to the range, this time from the BVB fleet. The new models show the Reko coaches towards the end of the 80s to the beginning of the 90s, when they were running towards the "Wind of Change"!


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