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For small series producer

As usual with all productions, the first few pieces are very expensive. As the production quantities increase, the unit prices decrease, but the costs for the entire series increase. Finding the middle ground to the beautiful, detailed, but still cheap model is the highest art of the small series manufacturer.

Our services, such as UV decals and drive technology, should enable small series manufacturers in particular to find this balance. We are happy to support your projects with stepped pricing and tailor-made offers. We are happy to offer this service, but ask for your understanding if it should take longer. We always do our best, but please inform yourself in advance if you have a specific deadline.

We are repeatedly asked by customers and small series manufacturers whether we can take on "small" painting or printing jobs. Experience has shown that it is easy to underestimate the effort and thus the price for such work. Depending on the model, several thousand Euros are due before the first print is on the model. We would be happy to make you an offer for inquiries from approx. 100 pieces.