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  • Bogie Drives

    For several decades, the bogies of our models were driven by a Mabuchi engine and cardan shafts, and that was a good thing! But there is a better way - much better! The brand new and highly innovative bogie drives from HALLING Modelle are equipped with a small but powerful coreless...  more

  • Decals

    You provide the template. We deliver the decals! Decal (diːkəl, a short form of English decalcomania "to transmit") is the common name for wet slide images in model construction. They are mainly used for lettering on models that are too fine or complex to paint or print. Decals...  more

  • Service

    We are happy to offer you services like repairing, maintaining or converting models of our own production. However, we cannot offer you this service without restrictions! For example, it is not possible to have a model fully equipped with additional parts. We strongly advise against...  more

  • Quotation for new models

    The number of vehicles that have not yet been implemented as models is increasing day by day! We are working flat out to reverse the trend and look forward to your model suggestions by email. In order to be able to answer the question of feasibility more quickly, we ask you to consider...  more

  • For small series producer

    As usual with all productions, the first few pieces are very expensive. As the production quantities increase, the unit prices decrease, but the costs for the entire series increase. Finding the middle ground to the beautiful, detailed, but still cheap model is the highest art of...  more

  • Resellers

    Despite the manageable size of our company, we bring impressive 100 models onto the market every year. New products will be presented on our website, webshop and social media as soon as they are available. Upon request, you will automatically receive a newsletter by e-mail and are...  more