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2022-03-12 02:20:28

News 2022.03 - Driving trailer Type X

The Driving trailer of Type X!

The X-car models are offered as three-part half trains that can be assembled to form a whole train with an impressive 1.280 mm. For those who do not have enough space in the display case, we offer individual driving trailers that provide the half train with a dignified, if not completely exemplary, end piece.




The Type X of the Vienna Underground, also known as the "X-car", is the third generation of high-floor traction vehicles. After the legendary Silver Arrow (Type U) and the popular V-car, the X-car now represents a further development of the proven principle. It has been successively produced by Siemens since 2018 and delivered to Wiener Linien since 2020. 

The first models are now also available and are in no way inferior to the big role model!For the time being, only static models will be offered. Of course, the models will also be available motorised, with NEM658 interface and directional lights, and pre-orders are gladly accepted! However, due to the current supply situation for electronic components, delivery will be delayed for two more weeks.

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