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2023-06-19 10:08:12

News 2023.06 - Flexity Classic Krakau

The tramway in Krakow is quite unusual!

It was opened in 1882 with a gauge of 900mm, the track remains of which have been preserved in the interior to this day. The fleet consists of modern low-floor vehicles, such as the Flexity Classic NGT8, and built, partly completely rebuilt trams such as the EU8N, which in a former life was once a Viennese E6.




There are 23 lines, including a separate museum line for the numerous museum vehicles that are maintained, such as the historic railcar 37, which is reminiscent of the old Austrian era and could almost be a Vienna Type H. And there are express tram lines that connect opposite parts of the city at up to 70 km/h and give the commuting P+Rer a wild ride.

The new editions of the Flexity Krakow models are the last of their kind, dating back to the first and only series from 2013. Today, they are equipped with two motors and an NEM652 interface, which makes digitisation much easier. Strike quickly! There are only a few models available and further series are unlikely as things stand!

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