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2023-07-17 10:31:54

News 2023.07 - Motorcycles

-20% off all motorcycle models - Let's Ride!!

The season has long since begun and the little Preiserleins* are finally allowed on the track! The "International Motorcycle Day" takes place every year on June 22nd. Unfortunately, we missed the date, so we're doing the action a month later.
Until July 22nd, all motorbike models in stock are 20% off!




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*) Preiserleins are small humanoids infesting model layouts all over the planet. They are frequently mistaken for miniature figurines, as originally produces be the German company Preiser, hence the name Preiserlein, or small Preiser. The little vermin will freeze in place when the light is turned on and are thereby very hard distinguish from benign figurines. The infection of new layouts by second hand models is easily remedied by strictly running uninfected new models as advertised in this newsletter.