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2023-12-10 16:21:53

News 2023.12 - The historic Schneebergbahn

The new historic real wood water car

The ride on the unique and over 100-year-old Schneebergbahn from Puchberg to Hochschneeberg is a real narrow-gauge experience! Almost as exciting is the now completely revised and breathtakingly beautiful model of the legendary historic water car!




From the valley station of Puchberg, which can be reached in a short hour from Vienna, it's "tooth by tooth 1,218 m uphill"! After a leisurely ascent through dense coniferous forest, you reach the first stop at the Baumgartner water station at 1,397 m above sea level. 

The water tank of the historic narrow-gauge cogwheel tender locomotives of the Abt type only holds 1.2 m3, so a stop is necessary to collect water. As it is also legally difficult to collect water from a spring on the Schneeberg due to the overriding Vienna high spring line, water wagons have always been used for this purpose. 

After a short rest with tasty, huge Schneeberg- Buchteln (sweet and very hearty buns), the route then climbs steeply uphill at around 20%. After passing through two helical tunnels with mighty snow-covered galleries, you reach the end point of the ride: Berghaus Hochschneeberg - at 1.800 m, the highest railroad station in Austria!

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