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2024-02-20 10:23:07

News 2024.02 - Urbos Luxembourg

The Stater Tram!

The Stater Tram is the tramline of Luxembourg's capital city. Since 2017, it has been transporting around 17,000 people a day along an 8.5 km route to Kirchberg-Plateau, creating the basis for economic and demographic growth in Luxembourg City, where hundreds of thousands of commuters were stuck in traffic jams every day.

Halling Modelle



The design of the Urbos Luxembourg is the result of a close collaboration between CAF, its designer Eric Rhinn and the two artists Michel Léonardi and Isabelle Corten. Thanks to new energy storage technologies, the futuristic-looking tram can run for stretches without overhead lines and partly on green tracks. All in all, a huge gain for the cityscape. 

The models of the Urbos Luxembourg from HALLING Modelle are hardly inferior to the large prototype in terms of design and technical equipment. They have a detailed roof and interior design with exemplary color design of the doors. 

The digitalized models are equipped ex works with a Zimo decoder that controls the changing lights as well as the acceleration and braking distance of the models. A fine, small detail of the digital fine-tuning is the brake light, which is automatically activated when the speed reduces. 

For the first time in a long time, all versions of the iconic model are now available in sufficient quantities and we want to share our joy with you:

-15% on all Luxembourg models*! 

* The promotion is valid 16.02.2024 to 23.02.2024 and only applies to models VAR-LUX-S, VAR-LUX-M and VAR-LUX-D. Only available in household quantities. The promotion cannot be combined with other discounts!

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