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2023-05-31 06:49:46

News 2023.05 - Halberstadt

The "Kleine Bahn Ganz Groß" invites to Halberstadt!

We are very excited and have again a little surprise in the luggage! The Reko Tw 29 is a real little Halberstädter and presents itself solemnly in the finest museum livery, as it can be admired at the parade of historic tramcars on the weekend 03 / 04. 06. The models are available now, as always gladly online or even better in Halberstadt in the sports hall booth S03!




The Halberstadt tramway is one of the smaller tramway systems in Saxony-Anhalt. In the district town of Halberstadt, located north of the Harz Mountains and with a population of about 41,000, the electric tramway has been in operation since May 2, 1903. Due to poor maintenance during the GDR, the tramway network was on the verge of being discontinued at the end of the 1980s. After German reunification, the tracks and overhead contact.

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    News 2023.06 - Halberstadt - Green Reko Tramway


    The production of this model depends on your assistance! On the occasion of the Small Railway Very Large 2023, we have produced the museum version of the Reko Tw 29 in very clinical numbers. This was possible because the popular neutral Reko models are currently in post-production and the beige Halberstädter quasi run. The pretty green Reko is unfortunately not so easy to produce.