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  • MIX-302

    News 2021.10 - Mixnitz-St.Erhard E1/E2-Breitenauer-Bahn

    H0e LüP 7cm with lights, decoder and sound!
    The new edition 2021 of the sought-after models brings more innovations than should possibly fit into this small, almost petite machine! The new coreless drive creates, aside from smooth driving characteristics, plenty of space for model updates!

    The new circuit board not only offers alternating light for the first time, but also the possibility of simply digitizing the small machine or even equipping it with sound. The loudspeaker is firmly connected to the new design weight block that fills the entire interior.


  • The Buffer stops

    News 2021.10 - Buffer stops

    New Buffer stops!
    Everything has an end, only the model railroad layout often has a lot of track ends! In order to do justice to the diversity and without claiming to be complete, we present nearly 20 (!) different, mainly H0e buffer stops!


  • 1104-01 / 1080-02

    News 2021.10 - Cog Railway Montserrat

    La Cremallera de Montserrat!
    The new models of the Catalan cog railway are produced by FERRO-TRAIN with four different locomotives and suitable wagons. In addition to a new car, there are also several upgrade options avaliable for the first time, which make the cog railway experience even more impressive.

    The Cremallera de Montserrat (Catalan for zipper) is a meter-gauge rack railway in Catalonia. It leads from the Monistrol train station up to the monastery on the Montserrat mountain. With a maximum gradient of 15.6 percent, it overcomes 550 meters in altitude. The railway was opened in 1892 and operated with a total of eight steam locomotives until the 1950s.


  • ROM-274-B / ROM-369-M

    News 2021.09 - Roma 6 Finestrini

    Vintage Tram Rome!
    The models of the Roman six-window vintage tram from HALLING Modelle include two railcars, two sidecars, a work car and several freight cars. The new models of the passenger trams are currently presented at the Hobby Model Expo in Milan (Novegro).

    Attention! Only a few pieces of the work car left! If you are interested, please order quickly, the model cannot be reissued.


  • M-610-D-FM

    News 2021.09 - New Signs!

    New signs from FERRO-TRAIN!
    Halling Modelle launched well over a hundred new models at the beginning of the year. Including some unchanged new editions of out of print or revised new releases of popular models, but also several completely new shapes. All that with around ten employees and a somewhat quirky small company location in a green suburb of Vienna.

    Given the speed, it is not surprising that little things, no matter how beautiful, often fall under the table and do not get the limelight that they are entitled to. The finest miniatures from the brass forge FERRO-TRAIN have already brought many a "real" model railroader abruptly back to the good old days, when the world still smelled of coal smoke and mom's apple strudel*…


  • HTP-ET1-M

    News 2021.09 - The Himmelstreppe

    The new 2021 edition of the Himmelstreppe!
    The new 2021 edition of the Himmelstreppe (Stairway to Heaven), NÖVOG ET1 to ET9 brings back a model that has been out of stock for far too long! For the first time in the history of the model, all nine car numbers are available. The colour scheme has been adapted to the current vehicles and the model technology has been comprehensively revised. In addition to continuous interior lighting, the NEM658 (Plux16) interface not only offers the possibility of simple digitization, even the sound conversion is already prepared!


  • 725-500-Y

    News 2021.09 - The Ybbstaler!

    ÖBB B4iph/s 3200-3246
    The new edition of the 3200 carriages in the popular Jaffa colour scheme continues! Now, for the first time, cars from the Ybbstalbahn are available that have never existed as a model before. As with the first cars in the series, these models have also been modelled closely on the originals with great care. Every car can be assigned, every lettering can be traced, and every window pictogram that has fallen off is also missing on the model.


  • WC4-B51

    News 2021.08 - Vienna Trailer Type c4

    High capacity trailer streetcar type c4!
    The debut model from the young Viennese company cbmodels® is a long sought-after classic and closes a large gap in every collection of Viennese models. The model of the high capacity trailer is produced as a high-quality painted and printed plastic injection-molded model in the condition from 2009 and thus fits all articulated railcars type E1 from HALLING Modelle that have been published so far. Only 150 models of each car number are produced, which are sold exclusively by HALLING Modelle.


  • ROM-343-M

    News. 2021.08 - Tram Rome

    Roma 6 Finestrini - The Roman work car 343!
    The models of the six-window Roman oldtimer trams from HALLING Modelle include two railcars, two sidecars, a work car and several freight cars. The delivery of the work car and the freight car has already started, the passenger trains will be presented at the Hobby Model Expo in Milan (Novegro) at the end of September. Pre-orders for the models produced in small series are already being accepted.


  • GT6-D32-M

    News 2021.08 - New Düsseldorf GT6!

    New edition of the first GT6!
    The articulated railcars from DÜWAG shaped the appearance of many German cities for decades. The story began in Düsseldorf itself, where the very first GT6 were used on the Düsseldorf Rheinbahn.


  • 725-JUB-SET

    News 2021.08 - 25 years of FERRO-TRAIN! - Anniversary set

    H0e modelling then and now!
    It all began when a small, unknown company presented a small, fine brass model of a well-known steam locomotive on September 28th, 1996. After a long wait, the partially pre-ordered models Mh6 museum locomotive (ex ÖBB 399.06) were presented to an astonished audience for the first time. For this occasion, a train was put together and festively decorated - and FERRO-TRAIN was born.

    To celebrate 25 years of FERRO-TRAIN, we are offering the Mariazell anniversary train "25 years of FERRO-TRAIN" as a set (4 models) in an exclusive and strictly limited series of 50 pieces.
    As for the models in the Mh series, these models also come with signed certificates that confirm the authenticity and uniqueness of your set.
    The 4 models in the set are based on the popular models from Stängl Modellbahnen.


  • KSW-749-M

    News 2021.07 - Stuttgart War Tram 749

    The first new KSW in Stuttgart since 1949!
    The KSW or Kriegsstraßenbahnwagen (War Tram Car) was designed as replacement for the wagons destroyed in World War II: material-saving lightweight construction, easy to maintain, and with plenty of standing room and thus a high number of passengers. Around 700 of the mostly wooden wagons were delivered to over 20 cities, including Stuttgart, Munich and Cologne, between 1943 and 1950.


  • 725-460-M

    News 2021.07 - Mariazellerbahn ÖBB epoch 4 II

    One of a kind!
    The ÖBB B4ip/s 3260-o is the last documented representative of the rare Mariazellerbahn waggons with stipes. The ÖBB BD4ip/s 4240-3 completes the series and turns the 4 individually presented models into a set.


  • 725-405-M

    News 2021.07 - Mariazellerbahn ÖBB epoch 4

    The best era of the MzB!
    The first two cars of the current MzB series are classic representatives of this time and were made exactly according to the original, right down to the individual missing window pictograms!



    News 2021.07 - Munich War Tram

    The "Heidelberger" in Munich!
    The MVG Museum on the Ständerstrasse site houses and maintains the characteristic combination of the 721 War Tram and the matching 1509 i-Sidecar. The railcar was built in 1944 and was last inspected in 2018.


  • SKP-H0E

    News 2021.07 - Magnetic couplings

    Simple, ingenious and cheap! H0e magnetic couplings from € 3.50!
    The coupling, especially when moving models on larger systems or with elaborately equipped models, is often a game of patience. Magnetic couplings simplify the procedure enormously and are enjoying growing popularity.



    News 2021.07 - Albert coupling

    NEW! The Albert coupling as a magnetic coupling!
    The German Albert coupling for connecting two trams, transmits both tensile and compressive forces. Named after its inventor Karl Albert, a former director of the Krefeld tram.



    News 2021.06 - Fouraxle Dives

    For DIYs!
    The four-axis drive has been one of the most popular drives for decades. In fact, the ANT-C1 is probably one of the most widely used drives in self-made models worldwide.



    News 2021.06 - Qatar Education City Siemens Avenio Doha

    Qatar Education City Tram
    Qatar is preparing for the 2022 World Cup and is investing heavily in passenger transport. The models of the extraordinary low-floor trams of the type Siemens Avenio are now available again.


  • 725-602-ST

    News 2021.06 - Narrow Gauge Days 2021

    "Schmalspurtage 2021" - only 25 pieces!
    During the “narrow-gauge days”, the museums and associations show interesting insights into their work.