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  • 725-743-WSV

    News 2022.12 - The Waldviertler

    The first new Jaffa since the Ninetys!
    We still have one left! But we promise that this will be the last Jaffa wagon this year. Contrary to rumours, and quite obviously, production of narrow gauge models has neither ceased nor is it to cease. The production of the Berlin Reko wagons has been delayed and so we have brought this novelty forward!


  • 725-657-GR

    News 2022.12 - Jaffas

    The Circle of Jaffa!
    Many of you have already discovered the models we wanted to announce today in the webshop folder "In Production". The interest was so great that unfortunately some of the new models are almost sold out before we could announce them. Once again, we recommend ordering quickly, as we cannot promise that these models can be produced again!


  • 205-703-C

    News 2022.11 - Pinzgauer Lokalbahn

    A Pinzgauer in the Zillertal!
    Since May 2021, round timber has been loaded from standard-gauge wagons onto narrow-gauge wagons of the Zillertal Railway at Jenbach station in Tyrol. The wood is transported to Fügen to Binderholz and processed there. By connecting Binderholz to the narrow-gauge railway, it has been possible to drastically reduce truck traffic in the Zillertal and revive freight transport on the Zillertal Railway. Reason enough to celebrate this with some models!


  • 725-606-GA

    News 2022.11 - Garsten Advent

    The new Christmas Wagon is here!
    The Garstner Advent is one of the oldest and most beautiful Advent markets in the country. Since its beginnings in 1977, it has endeavored to express the genuine tradition of the region. Down-to-earth handicrafts, quality exhibitions and the atmospheric market "Am Platzl" in front of the baroque collegiate church make the Garstner Advent a place of encounter.


  • 205-609-A / 205-610-N / 205-615-A

    News 2022.11 - Mariazellerbahn Epoch 6

    „Unus pro omnibus, omnes pro uno!“*
    *) „One for all, all for one!"

    Just as legendary as Athos, Porthos and Aramis (The Three Musketeers, novel 1844, Auguste Maquet) are the three "Blues" on the Mariazell Railway! Although they probably belong to the old guard with around 60 years of service, they now shine in new splendour! The models of the new V10s have also been thoroughly revised and now offer, in addition to active rear lights and interior fittings matched to the individual prototype machines, probably the finest and most detailed front fittings to date!



    News 2022.11 - S-Bahn Berlin BR 481/482

    The prototypes are here!
    The 481/482 series consists of electric railcars for conductor rail operation of the S-Bahn. It is the most frequently used series of the S-Bahn Berlin. In 1996, the first prototype quarter train was presented to the public. From 1996 onwards, 60 of the two-car quarter trains were delivered each year until the 500th quarter train was handed over in 2004.


  • WC4-B71

    News 2022.10 - Viennese Tram c4 Series

    The fourth c4 is ready!
    Just in time for the Viennese model building fair, we can present another new type c4 tram car from the capital: 1371! The fourth model in the series is the third last one built and comes from the last delivery series from 1977.


  • WGG-846-m

    News 2022.10 - Viennese Tram G Series

    Viennese Tram G Series!
    The Viennese Type G, and the similar successor types G1, G2 and G3 were the most important vehicle type in the history of the Viennese tramway and shaped the image on the streets of Vienna for decades. The new edition of the classic Viennese tram comprises three different models with glazed platforms.


  • 727-521-M

    News 2022.10 - Mariazellerbahn Epoch 5

    Model of the BD in Jaffa - available for the first time!
    The series of Jaffa models continues! Now that the first wagon models of the MzB are already out of stock, we are pleased to offer a complete train set consisting of three passenger coaches (B) and a matching combined passenger coach with service compartment (BD) for the first time. As is so often the case, the small series models are only available in limited quantities, so better order all four right away!


  • H90-16G

    News 2022.10 - Three Pinzgauer Railcars

    The new ones with the red doors!
    After the VTs 17, VTs 13 and VTs 16 have now also been uniformly equipped with red doors during the regular overhaul. All models of the 5090 series are motorized with the new quiet drive. They have an NEM651 interface, can be digitised with a few hangs and are prepared for easy sound installation.


  • Signs 2022

    News 2022.09 - Signs 2022

    It is a forest of signs!
    Quite secretly and quietly, numerous new signs, boards and decals have been completed over the course of the year, which we would now like to present. In the course of the regular new editions, we have used the new technologies to realise weathered or photo-realistically aged versions of the classics.


  • 811-W01

    News 2022.09 - Club Mh6 Wasserwagen 1

    The Wasserwagen 1 of Club Mh6!
    In the course of the nostalgic operation of the Mariazell Railway, the three-axle water wagon 1 of the Mh6 club went into service in 2020. Although the water wagon is not a historic freight wagon, it is used to transport the Mh 6's feed water from Laubenbachmühle - sometimes even from Mariazell - to Obergrafendorf as scheduled. The use of the much "softer" water is very advantageous for reducing limescale deposits in the boiler.



    News 2022.09 - Radio Dresden NGTD 8

    We love Dresden!
    The model of the NGTD 8 DD No. 2607 with the enthusiastic "Radio Dresden" foliation was created in close cooperation with the Model Tram Club of the DVB AG e.V. in Dresden. It is offered exclusively by HALLING Modelle and the club as a one-off small series!


  • 725-187-SE

    News 2022.09 - Narrow Gauge Expo 2022

    The Narrow Gauge Expo 2022 at the Döllnitzbahn!
    The ArGe-S is organising the Narrow Gauge Expo 2022 at the Döllnitzbahn and we are very happy to be part of it again! To celebrate this occasion in a fitting manner, there will of course also be a special limited edition model. Order your Narrow Gauge Expo model now and let us know whether you would like to collect it at the event or whether you would prefer us to send it to you straight away.


  • GT4-S03-M

    News 2022.09 - GT4 Stuttgart

    The last of their kind!
    On the occasion of the 60th birthday of probably the most classic of all Stuttgart trams, we put out a plethora of models, now we find that we will soon have none left! Strike if you haven't already!


  • 2022-08-27

    News 2022.08 - Drive Technology 2022

    The NEW Drive Technology Catalogue 2022 has arrived!
    The last year has brought a lot of innovation, new technologies and new models. As a result, the new 2022 Drive Technology Catalogue is packed with fresh ideas, tips and tricks that will allow you to take almost any power transmission project to the next level!



    News 2022.08 - Dresden NGTD 8 und 12

    The new edition of the NGTD 8 has arrived!
    You had to wait far too long for the classic Dresden models, but the wait is over! The three-piece models are now available again! The models of the new edition will be delivered neutral with decals for 10 different car numbers with partner cities. The perfect gap closure for your own vehicle fleet!


  • 204-616

    News 2022.08 - Steiermärkische Landesbahn VL 16

    In the full glory of the good old days!
    The VL16 was completely overhauled about three years ago by the hard-working members of Club U44 and is now back in its full old glory as a traditional museum version. We didn't miss the opportunity either and gave our VL a general overhaul as well!


  • Feistritztalbahn

    News 2022.08 - Feistritztalbahn

    Fitting for the start of the Feistritztalbahn season!
    The romantic narrow-gauge railway is now running again with its colourful trains through the lush green landscape of Styria. This train is just as colourful, even though somewhat smaller, as it travels through your H0e layout, extending the perfect summer day on one of the few railway lines that takes you back to an earlier era, when life was more leisurely and peaceful.


  • Item No. 821-601

    News 2022.07 - Bicycle wagon SLB G/s 601 und 602

    Available again in very limited quantities!
    We have finally been able to reissue the popular Pinzgauer bicycle cars! The models of the SLB G/s 601 and the SLB G/s 602 are now available again in very limited quantities. As a small gift, each bicycle carriage now also comes with a small bicycle!